1. How many questions are on the written test, and what is the passing score?

There are typically 25 questions on the test. You must score at least 43 points out of a possible 50 to pass.

2. How to get a Czech driver’s license?

The application for the issuance of a driving licence must be accompanied by:

  • Valid proof of identity.
  • Valid driving licence of a member state or a driving licence of a state of the European Economic Area.
  • Documents proving normal residence in the territory of the Czech Republic.

 3. How long does it take to get a Czech driving license?

After successfully completing these steps, you can apply for a Czech driver’s license. The procedure of registration and producing your driving license takes approximately 20 days.

4. What types of questions are on the written test?

The test consists of multiple-choice questions covering various aspects of road safety, traffic regulations, and driving etiquette.

5. What is the time limit for completing the written test?

You have 30 minutes to answer all the questions on the test. 

6. How do I schedule a written test appointment?

Visit the Czech Ministry of Transport’s website or contact a regional traffic department to book your test.

7. What happens if I fail the written test?

If you fail, you can retake the test, but you must wait for at least 5 working days before your next attempt.

8. Is there a fee for taking the written test?

A fee may be associated with taking the written test, so check the current rates with the relevant authorities.

9. What identification do I need to bring to the written test?

You should have your identification, such as an ID card or passport.

10. Can I take the written test in a language other than Czech?

The test is typically administered in Czech, but you can request a translator or voiceover in another language.

11. How long is the Czech driving test?

The duration of the test drive is 30 minutes. You have 3 attempts for each part of the test, in case of failure of one part, it is necessary to complete the failed part in full at the driving school.

12. Which driving licence are valid in the Czech Republic?

Every person who drives a motor vehicle in the Czech Republic must carry either a driver’s license issued by the Czech Republic itself or another European Union (EU) member state or an international driver’s license that is accepted in the Czech Republic, including one from his/her home state.

13. How long does it take to receive the written test results?

You usually receive your results immediately after completing the test.

14. How soon after passing the written test can I take the practical driving test?

There may not be a specific waiting period, but scheduling the practical test when you feel adequately prepared is advisable.

15. How can I appeal if I disagree with my written test results?

You can typically submit an appeal within a specified period if you believe there was an issue with the test administration.

16. Are there accommodations for individuals with disabilities during the written test?
– Special accommodations may be available for individuals with disabilities; contact the relevant authorities for details.

17. What is the format of the multiple-choice questions on the written test?
– Multiple-choice questions typically present you with a question and several answer options, and you choose the correct answer.

18. What is the purpose of the written test for a driving license in the Czech Republic?

The written test assesses your knowledge of traffic rules and road safety before you can obtain a driving license.

19. How can I request a voiceover or interpreter for the theory test if I don’t speak Czech?

Contact the authorities in advance to arrange for a voiceover or interpreter in your preferred language.

20. What should I do if I encounter technical difficulties during the theory test, such as a malfunctioning computer or software issue?

Raise your hand or immediately alert a test centre staff member to address any technical issues.